Interesting and little-known facts about roulette

In the twenty-first century, Roulette, which we love, is very different than a few hundred years ago. This game and its varieties have an interesting story, it is surrounded by superstition. Below are some interesting facts that you do not know.

  • Roulette appeared in France, where the famous mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal invented the wheel game. It happened when he was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. The word “roulette” comes from the French «Roulette», which means “small wheel”.
  • In the eighteenth century view of the roulette wheel has undergone some changes - were introduced elements from other games: Roly-Poly, EO, Ace of Hearts, Hoca, Biribi. She then became very popular in France and some other European countries.
  • The first description of the roulette can be found in a French novel by Jacques Lable La Roulette, ou le Jour (1796). It specifies that the wheel had two zero - 0 and 00
  • By the nineteenth century, the game is well-proven in the US casino and Monaco. European roulette wheel numbered 1 - 36 and contained 0 and 00, and early American roulette wheel numbered 1 - 28 and contained 0, 00 and American Eagle. This eagle was not only a symbol of American freedom, but also the sector, which further increases the house edge. However, soon this tradition disappeared.
  • In 1842, the Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc introduced a roulette wheel with one zero, without the traditional 00. This reduction in benefits institution has been made in order to encourage regular visitors.
  • One legend says that Francois and Louis sold the soul to the devil in return for all the secrets of roulette. This story is supposedly confirmed by the fact that the sum of all the numbers on the wheel is equal to 666 - the number of the beast.
  • In European roulette the odds are much higher than in the US - the first house edge is only 2.63%, while in the second it is equal to 5.26%.

Bonuses online casino

They are credited to a player’s account in the form of chips after making his cash but only players who have already registered in the system. There are also bonuses accrued during registration.
Let’s see what is the meaning. After all, apart from them, there are various options such as monthly bonus casino. Based on the experience of many players who have experienced it for yourself, the meaning is still there. And we can say that a fairly substantial. When a player to register and receive sign-up bonus, he is just beginning to get used to the environment of the casino. Whatever may have been an experienced player, no matter how well did not know this institution, he would still need some time to adapt and adjust to the game.

Hurry up to get the best bezdpozitnye bonuses at the casino, they do not last forever.

How to choose a gamble

Gambling does not lose its popularity over time - on the contrary, are becoming more popular and, therefore, increases the number of participants. And people are doing everything possible to implement their skills in the field of gambling. Of course, such a thing can not be called simple, but it is very real. It is important to build your own game, well up to her and did not stop the development.
Methods of selecting games

When you select a game of chance, try to choose a game that will contribute to the full discovery potential. Naturally, the absolute certainty of victory can not be, and yet it is desirable to try. Action should be organized so that everyone gets the best way.
There are different ways to choose one or the other game - there are ways to do this a lot. For example, some people choose games of interest. Many also try to choose the option that allows you to earn a lot. Of course, a lot is determined based on the capabilities of the player. Not less important is the more self-confidence. Do not give up more information about gambling that you are fond of, if it is possible to obtain such data.

If the case is a problem, we should not postpone the decision to a later time - try to solve everything as soon as possible. The accumulation of unresolved issues to nothing lead, and their decision in due course only becomes more complicated.
When you play in a casino, try to seek an understanding of how the gaming establishments. Be sure to read the materials on the site - Keep in mind that one hope for good luck can not do - an accident can help to win only one or a couple of times, but not always. Whatever it was, the prize money in gambling can safely call their earnings.
Development of schemes and strategies should be mandatory for all players seeking to achieve positive results. Skill is necessary not just to receive, but also on a regular basis to continue to hone his, that it was not gone away. There must be confidence, but not arrogance - in this case, all turn out properly.
The real prize in the virtual casinos is possible, moreover, that the player realizes that money can not win every game. Of course, any game is subject to the player luck and win - if you ever heard of the theory of probability, it is wonderful to know what is in question here. Regular wins are also possible if you rely more than fortune with flukes, and attentive and thoughtful calculations.

Ways of earning online casino. How to make money in online casinos.

Most modern online casino is one feature that is available to any user - the possibility of unlimited earnings from casinos. Usually the online casino is for recreation and entertainment, but about earning no one really has no idea. Moreover, there are several ways to make money in online casinos.

Winning at the casino - this is the main way of earnings, allows you to earn online casino, playing games. This method can bring untold riches, but it can also take away from you all, on the balance, the funds. After all, losing no one is immune.

For example trading on slot machines it is completely depends on your luck. The most stable profits can be obtained only by playing roulette. To this end, various strategies have been developed games (betting system), allowing to minimize possible losses.

No matter what method of earning casino you choose, you have the opportunity to receive an unlimited source of income.

Casino may benefit people

First of all, gambling - it is one of the main ways of entertainment. By themselves, the game (not necessarily gambling) are the primary method of dosuga.Igry can help us relax after a hard day’s work. Sometimes you want to experience a lot of emotions stale after a day! To some extent, even the game at online casinos can refresh drab rights and to give them colors.

As the games we develop their thinking and causes the brain to work. Vigorously develop the memory, because during the game, we try to remember which cards are out of the game and which are not. It goes directly to the development of logic and strategy. After all, sometimes we have to choose a strategy that would achieve victory over rivals.
Get the hand to play, we start to make money betting. For a good casino player can be a good source of income. Of course, this is to be careful. It is not necessary to fall into dependence on the games. You should always know when to stop.

There is nothing wrong and frustrating is that if you visit several times a local casino or play online gambling. After all, if the soul and body need rest, you should give it to them! And how to spend it - it’s your decision and no one will decree. According to statistics, 60% of the population, no, no, yes, look into the gambling halls, and at the same data, a large percentage of people admitted that gambling is something to help them in life. Did they teach us to treat life easier.

Whatever it was, at a certain bit of luck, skill and perseverance, you can top up your purse or well to spend your free time!

Roulette - the queen of all the casinos!

It is simply impossible to imagine a casino without roulette: Roulette has become a symbol of a casino and, when someone talks about gambling, people first imagine it is roulette. Roulette excites passion and attracts attention with its royal ambience and huge winnings.
Novice players roulette game seems simple, they say, do not do anything except put chips on the number or color and wait for the result. This is not quite true: the more you play roulette, the more you understand the game, discovering the subtleties and strategies, roulette secrets. But the main secret of the fact that one hundred percent reliable strategy to guarantee payoff just is not, so do not believe those people or companies that try to sell you.

In today’s world play roulette is not a problem: you can visit a real casino or go to the online casino. Recommended stop your choice on the online casino: modern technologies convey the atmosphere of the game, and the need to go somewhere disappears. Moreover, in a virtual casino choice is wider and you can play for money and candy wrappers, the game can be downloaded on your computer, or use the full version of Flash; You can even play online with a live dealer present - online casino, everything is possible!

Security in online casinos

Hundreds of thousands of players around the world every day playing online casino for money. This fact has somehow proves the reliability and security of online casinos, but some players still doubt. Maybe they just do not know what measures the online casinos in order to ensure the safety of its players. The most advanced methods, software and equipment at the service of online casinos so that registered players feel and are safe, including their money and personal information.

Play online it was really safe and comfortable. In a licensed casino with a good reputation of the player is practically nothing to fear. Security in such casinos elevated to the rank of art and fetish: each transaction is protected and private data securely hidden players on the servers of the company. Encryption is provided in online casinos the same programs as in the bank. Privacy of personal data is guaranteed by the player and will never be provided to third parties without his knowledge, under any circumstances.

And yet, if the player does not want to provide online casino financial information, there is always an opportunity to make a transaction, providing a minimum of personal information. You can select the available service of electronic payments (eg, WebMoney) - Casino no information about the player does not arrive. Online casino player receives personal information only when it transfers money to your casino account directly from your credit card or direct bank transfer.

Best Casino always strictly adhere to all necessary and possible safety standards and thus set the tone and put the rest of the bar. Play online for money was really safe, not to mention the convenience.